Moleskine produces and designs luxury notebooks, as well as planners, sketchbooks, leather backpacks, holdalls, journals, wallets, various accessories, and stationery.

I’ve managed several projects ranging from product design (collaborating with client as HBO, Disney, LEGO, Evernote, Apple) to display windows, photo shooting direction, illustration, and lettering.

Working at Moleskine was crucial to build a solid understanding of product design and development and processes as bookbinding, silkscreening, foil print and print production, paper creation and so on.

I’ve managed to recreate the Moon runes effect on the treasure map!

Talented and up-to-date on the latest trends, I found Luca to be a source for new and fresh work. In our work together at Moleskine I found him to be particularly strong in design research, trends analysis, product design, typography, and branding projects.

Gabriel Zangari

Head of Design, Design Group Italia