ManoMano is a marketplace specializing in DIY, Home Improvement and Gardening. It operates across France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK.

I have been leading a team of 3 senior designers across spanning six feature teams, running design operations for a team of 25+ designers, and contributing decisively to ManoMano growth.

As a design leader, I conducted weekly meetings, including 1:1 sessions and team meetings. I also held regular syncs with business, tech, and product leaders to ensure alignment.

In order to foster growth, I provided design feedback and mediated interpersonal issues when necessary. Additionally, I mentored designers on prototyping, product discovery and user research.

In May 2020, our team consisted of 8 members. Since then, I have helped scale the team to 25 people. To enable efficient and effective design processes, I have defined a discovery framework for a team of 20+ designers.

I also successfully migrated our design stack from InVision/Sketch to Figma, resulting in substantial cost savings of over 40k€ per year. To promote collaboration and easy access to resources, I created and managed the design team knowledge base on Confluence.

During several workshops, I facilitated the development of design principles, aligning our team’s approach and ensuring consistency across projects. I also set standards for roadmaps, weekly meetings, and initiative monitoring, establishing a structured framework that enhanced productivity and accountability.

“Innovative, organized and data-driven are all traits that come to mind when I think of Luca. His thought process is methodical, his work is precise and his standards of himself and others are high! From the moment he was hired, he brought focus to the design process, helping to scale the ManoMano design team from 8 to 25 people.”

Sophie Muto

Head of Design, Leroy Merlin