Founded in 2014, Coinhouse is a pioneer in crypto investments, with services both available online and at a Paris-based store (now closed). It helps over 150,000 users understand, buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

As a senior product designer / product manager, I’ve launched the V 2.0 of the platform, set the foundation for a product driven organisation and mentored a junior designer.

The audit revealed several issues, including stakeholders having different definitions of “done,” no QA tests before releases frequently leading to regressions, no product documentation, no precise process for migrating V1 users to the v2 platform, and no design asset repository.

Furthermore, there was very little user data available, the platform was not responsive, and the onboarding process was too long.

To enhance collaboration, I initiated weekly stakeholder meetings and collaborative workshops to pinpoint user needs for our website. Additionally, I mapped out the primary user flows of the platform and established a shared repository with specifications and design assets. Finally, I assisted in drafting and implementing a migration plan to transition over 100,000 users from V1 to V2 of the platform.

Analytics revealed that 30% of our clients utilize the mobile version of the platform, which was not functioning optimally. To tackle this issue, I designed a responsive version of the platform, who led to a substantial enhancement in the signup conversion rates, surging from 2% to 30%.

I also spend some time collecting and consolidating the elements that build our interface, laying the foundations for a design system.

“I worked closely with Luca on a range of projects for Coinhouse including the launch of their v 2.0, an overhaul of the core features of the platform. I was not only impressed by his design execution and product acumen, but also by his ability to analyse problems and really get to the core of what we were trying to solve.”

Benjamin Lavergne

Strategic Investments, Consensys